HAWK is an established supplier of Lubricating Oil Additives- (primarily Engine Oil Additives & Packages as well as Specialty Chemicals), Paraffinic Base Oils (Group I,II & III; Grades 500SN,150SN,BS150), Naphthenic Base Oils, PAOs, Esters, Greases (Lithium/ Moly based, Food grade, etc.) and Brake-Fluids (DOT 3 & 4) in Bulk, Flexi-Bags and Drums.

Being in business for over 50 years in Oil trading, HAWK is currently supplying to Lube-Oil blenders in Asia, South-America, Middle-East and Europe. HAWK operates through 19 offices in 7 countries covering these continents.

The products supplied under Lubricating Oil Additives are as under:

1. Gasoline & Gas Engine Oils Additive Packages(API SB/SC/SD/SF/SG/ SJ/SL/SM/SN)
2. Diesel Engine Oils Additive Packages (API/CF4/CG-4/CH-4/CI-4/CJ-4)
3. Motorcycle Engine Oils Additives Packages(2-Stroke:API TA/TB/TC; 4-Stroke: SF to SM)
4. Gear Oil Additive Packages (API GL-4/GL-5)
5. Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive Packages (Dextrin II / II-D / II- E / III / III-E / III-H)
6. Marine Engine Oil Additive Packages (from TBN 5-80)
7. Railroad Engine Oil Additive Packages (LMOA Gen V and GE GEN 4LL)
8. Industrial Oils Additives Packages
9. Viscosity Index Improvers (OCP/PMA based-solid/liquid).
10. Turbine Boosters (Petroleum Sulphonates-Calcium/Magnesium based ).
11. Anti-rust Additives
12. Inhibitor & Anti-wear Additives (e.g. ZDDP and and its derivatives).
13. Polyisobutenes (various molecular weights).
14. EPDM

HAWK also has some of its own developed packages which are equivalent to the multinational companies and which are much more economical and competitive. HAWK�s Technical Division advises clients on formulations, Base-oil blends as well as alternatives on additives being used of MNCs such as Lubrizol, Infineum, Afton, Chevron - Oronite , etc.